Extensions / Renovations

As your needs change, Allgrange Services is able to alter your existing home to help accommodate your changing needs.
Whether it be a ground floor extension, upper floor addition, or simple makeover of your existing layout, Allgrange Services can bring your existing home to a new level, allowing it to suit your changing lifestyle.
Allgrange Services has resurrected many old and dated bathrooms/kitchen, making them functional and attractive. Whether it be large or small, we are certain that our design ideas will be elegant yet practical.
With our climate lending itself to outdoor entertaining, Allgrange Services can help you design and build an outdoor area allowing you to bring the indoor feel of your home outdoors. Whether it is a barbeque and dining area, or a simple place to unwind, Allgrange Services will be sure to impress you.
We are also able to deal with insurance claims repairs, having many years experience servicing major insurance companies. From water damage to fire damage, we are able to assist home owners restore the property to its former state.
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Fiarfield 1 Before
Fairfield 2 Before
Fairfield 3 After
Fairfield 4 After
Fiarfield 5 After
Richmond 1 Before
Richmond 2 Before
Richmond 1 After
Richmond 2 After
Richmond 3 After
Richmond 4 After
Richmond 5 After
Richmond 6 After
Rowville 1 Before
Rowville 2 Before
Rowville 3 Before
Rowville 4 Before
Rowville 5 After
Rowville 6 After
Rowville 7 After